'96 Rankings

Spring 2006 Tournament Schedule

Thanks to all 12 teams... I think we had a great weekend and some very good games played. Not too many problems, other than we finished an hour behind on Saturday night (we did play 9 games in 1 rink), and everyone's "love" for the referees.

The championship went to overtime, after Strongsville went down 5-1. A back and forth game after that as you can tell by the score.

The trophies were bigger than I had expected, but of all the tournaments I have done this spring, this one is the "big one". The trophies to the players were very nice I was glad to see how they turned out, considering I never saw them till this weekend, as they are new.

And to end the tournament... 96 Rankings took the Zamboni out to clean the ice... yes, for those of you who attended, Thank You, I think it went very well. And I only had to throw a few people out who didn't pay the gate fee. Pictures of me rolling in the money, naked, will be available in 5x7's or 8x10's or you can also order the wallet size for your friends. Of course those will cost you too. ;-)

And mark your calenders... not set in stone, but...
'96 Rankings Spring Showdown III - April 27-29, 2007
Location: Yet to be determined

'96 Rankings Spring Showdown II - May 12-14, 2006
Team Toledo Ice House (Toledo, OH)
Monroe Multi-Sports Complex (Monroe, MI)

Pool A
Rochester Rattlers
Flint Sabres
Toledo IceDiggers
Pool B
Kensington Valley Rebels
Midland North Stars
Grosse Pointe Bulldogs
Pool C
Strongsville Mustangs
Trenton Thunder
Plymouth Stingrays
Pool D
Detroit Trackers
Port Huron Flags
Monroe Ice Hawks

Date Away Team Score Home Team Score Comments
5/12/06 @ 5:00pm Rochester 6 Toledo 3 -
5/12/06 @ 6:00pm Trackers 14 Monroe 7 Played in Monroe
5/12/06 @ 6:10pm KV Rebels 8 Midland 2 -
5/12/06 @ 7:20pm Grosse Pointe 3 Flint 5 -
5/12/06 @ 7:30pm Trenton 5 Plymouth 1 Played in Monroe
5/12/06 @ 8:30pm Strongsville 4 Port Huron 3 -
5/13/06 @ 8:00am Midland 8 Grosse Pointe 2 -
5/13/06 @ 9:15am Toledo 14 Flint 2 -
5/13/06 @ 10:25am KV Rebels 6 Rochester 3 -
5/13/06 @ 11:35am Trackers 2 Trenton 11 -
5/13/06 @ 12:45pm Strongsville 8 Plymouth 1 -
5/13/06 @ 1:00pm Port Huron 6 Monroe 5 Played in Monroe
5/13/06 @ 2:30pm Flint 0 Rochester 5 Played in Monroe
5/13/06 @ 3:30pm Midland 3 Toledo 8 -
5/13/06 @ 4:40pm Grosse Pointe 0 KV Rebels 8 -
5/13/06 @ 5:50pm Strongsville 4 Trenton 3 -
5/13/06 @ 6:00pm Monroe 4 Plymouth 7 Played in Monroe
5/13/06 @ 7:00pm Trackers 7 Port Huron 3 -
5/14/06 @ 9:00am Plymouth 7 Grosse Pointe 4 -
5/14/06 @ 10:15am Strongsville 2 KV Rebels 1 Semi #1
5/14/06 @ 11:30am Trackers 6 Rochester 3 Semi #2
5/14/06 @ 12:45pm Monroe 3 Flint 4 -
5/14/06 @ 2:00pm Port Huron 3 Toledo 4 -
5/14/06 @ 3:15pm Trenton 6 Midland 1 -
5/14/06 @ 5:00pm Trackers 7 Strongsville 8 Overtime - Championship Game


1. Each team gets 1 30-second timeout per game
2. Periods will be 3-15's
3. We will be using the tag-up offsides rule
4. Standings will be based on 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for loss
5. In case of a tie, Pool winners will be determined by head-to-head, goals for divided by goals against, pool play (remove cross-over game)
6. Maximum goal differential will be 5, so no need to run up the scores. 7. Be prepared to play 30 minutes before your game time (just in case)
8. Fighting can and probably will get you kicked out of the tournament.
9. A game misconduct means a player misses the next tournament game.
10. Sunday games will have winners, if tied we will go to a 4-on-4 for 5 minutes, if still tied a 3-on-3 for 5 minutes, then we will go to the 5-man shootout. 11. Keep the locker rooms CLEAN! Show respect to the rinks as I am sure you'd like teams to respect your rink. 12. NEVER yell or badger the score keeper, they are doing the best they can, if they error in taking a few seconds from the game or hit the start button late, it can easily be put back/taken away, but you screaming at them cannot be taken back. Don't piss them off, if you do then expect them to be fast/slow on the button (I know I would be!)
13. Don't forget the $19.96 gate fee... per day... I want as much money as I can so I roll naked in it (keep that thought in your mind as you sleep at night). I will throw out anyway who is smaller than me, if you're bigger then me, well then, you can stay.
14. Remember these are squirts so no betting on games... but you if do, remember the Tournament Director (ME!) gets a 15% take on all bets placed.
15. Good Luck everyone and enjoy the tournament (remember this is only Spring)

ALSO... Bring your USA Hockey rosters with you, in case someone questions your team.

If you need a hotel in Toledo, I recommend the Hampton Inn & Suites in North Toledo.
Located 3 miles from the rink.
Call them for a special rate for hockey teams playing in a local tournament.