LCAHL Tie Breakers - 2011 Playoffs

Tie Breakers for Advancement in LCAHL Playoffs

In the event of a tie for advancement or seeding, the LCAHL Playoffs Tiebreaker will be used.

First tie breaker utilizes only the games played amongst the tied teams. In these games, the tie breaker is (used only if the number of games is equal):

1. Points acquired in these games (aka head-to-head)
2. Goal differential in these games (aka plus/minus)
3. Goal quotient in these games (goals scored/goals allowed)

If the tie is not broken in the above tie breakers, then numbers 2 and 3 above are applied to all games played. There is no limit applied on goal differential or goal quotient.

LCAHL Playoffs Rules from Cleck here

There were 3 tie breakers at the Bantam AA level that involved at least 3 teams.

Norris 120

3rd Seed
(Toledo, Trenton, USA - 5 points each)
#1. Head to Head cannot be used, since Trenton did not play USA.
#2. Plus/Minus, this eliminates USA, since they are +3, Toledo and Trenton both tied at +6
#3. Toledo advances to 3rd seed based on the goal quotient (Toledo 2 vs Trenton 1.545)

4th seed
#1. Trenton & USA did not play
#2. Trenton advances to 4th seed based on +/- (Trenton +6, USA +3)

Norris 121

1st Seed
(Farmington Hills, KV Renegades, St. Clair Shores - 6 points each)
#1. Head to Head cannot be used, since FH did not play KV.
#2. Plus/Minus, this advances Farmington Hills to the 1st seed, since they are +11

2nd seed
#1. KV Renegades advances to 2nd seed based on win over St. Clair Shores, who then are then the 3rd seed, since all ties are now broken.

Patrick 126

2nd Seed
(Findlay, Little Caesars II, Grand Valley - 6 points each)
#1. Head to Head cannot be used, since GV did not play either of the other 2 teams.
#2. Plus/Minus, this advances Findlay to the 2nd seed, since they are +8

3rd seed
#1. Head to Head cannot be used, since GV did not play LC.
#2. Plus/Minus, this advances Little Caesars to the 3rd seed, since they are +6, Grand Valley then advances to the 4th seed since all ties are now broken.

The tie breaker is not used to determine who is in the playoffs, but to seed teams. The point is to break a tie, when the tie is broken with one team having the clear advantage. That tie breaker process is finished. If there still exists a tie, the tie breaker process starts over, it does not continue nor does it decide the positions when 3 or more teams are tied.

The above tie breakers were decided by the LCAHL Operations board, they have followed this same logic for 4 years now. The 96 group has only had this happen once, where we had 3 teams tied, and that was last season, where there was one tie with 3 teams.

You can also say, well where does it say that this logic should be followed... it doesn't. But, then again, it doesn't say any logic should be followed, this is how the LCAHL Ops board has stayed true for the last 4 seasons for tie breakers.

I hope this has helped explain the final seedings we all see now. I know over the last week it's sometimes easier to hear the process, than see it typed.