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2009 Coaching Changes
Team New Coach Coach's Former team
Birmingham Rangers Bill Christie Brother Rice (JV - Current)
Canton Crush (NEW TEAM) Dave DiRezze Motor City Chiefs
Honeybaked AAA Kevin Fairbanks ?
Little Caesars AAA Bob Mantha Orchard Lake Pirates
Michigan Ice Hawks (NEW TEAM) Michael Nepi ?
Michigan Jaguars Jimmy Cariera Fraser Falcons
Michigan Travelers Dan Parker ?
Motor City Jaguars Mike Rangos ?
Mt. Clemens Wolves Jeff Blum Michigan Jaguars
Oakland Jr. Grizzlies Dan Wilhelm Oakland Jr. Grizzlies (Asst)
Orchard Lake Pirates Paul Ogden Orchard Lake Pirates (Asst)
Southfield Warriors (NEW TEAM) Petr Kilma Other Southfield Teams
Summit Plastics (NEW TEAM) Steve Glover Summit Plastics Midget AA
Victory Honda AAA Joe Maci ?
West Michigan Warriors (NEW TEAM) Stu Allen Grand Rapids Griffins

2009 Team Changes
New Team Name Coach Former Team Name
Orchard Lake Warriors Todd Rosa Southfield Warriors

10/8/2008 - 96 Rankings - 2008 Silver Stick Update

Teams who are in the St. Clair Shores Silver Stick tournament: St. Clair Shores Saints, Mt. Clemens Wolves, Farmington Hills Fire, Grosse Pointe Bulldogs, Rochester Rattlers, Kensington Valley Renegades, Westland Renegades, Livonia Knights.
Teams who are in the Midland Silver Stick tournament: Midland Northstars, Plymouth Stingrays, Bay County Blizzard , Traverse City, Kentwood Falcons, Allen Park Huskies, Sault Ste Marie Soo Lakers, Muskegon Chiefs, Saginaw Badgers, Grand Rapids Griffins, Ann Arbor Wolves.
Teams who are in the Dayton Silver Stick tournament: Columbus Blue Jackets AA, Indianapolis Racers, Fort Wayne Komets, Cincinnati Jr Cyclones AAA, Cleveland Warriors-Gold, Cleveland Warriors-Black, Toledo Cherokee, Parma Flyers, Macomb Mavericks, Orchard Lake Pirates, Rocky River Pirates, Farmington Hills Vipers, Chesterfield Falcons, USA Eagles, Monroe Ice Hawks.

11/6/2007 - 96 Rankings - MAHA District Web Sites

MAHA Official Site
MAHA District 2
MAHA District 3
MAHA District 4
MAHA District 5
MAHA District 6
MAHA District 7
MAHA District 8

11/6/2007 - 96 Rankings - 2007 Silver Stick Update

Teams who are in the Cincinnati Silver Stick tournament: Columbus Blue Jackets AA, Charlotte Flames, Chesterfield Falcons, Florida Jr Panthers, Ashburn Xtreme, Cleveland Jr Jacks, Golden Wolves, Atlanta Fire, Indianapolis Racers, Cincinnati Jr Cyclones, Kensington Valley Rebels, Cleveland Warriors.

10/3/2007 - 96 Rankings - 2007 Silver Stick Update

Additional teams invited to the Midland Silver Stick tournament: Wyandotte Warriors, Traverse City Pepsi Rangers, & Farmington Hills Fire

9/7/2007 - 96 Rankings - 2007 Silver Stick Info

Teams invited to the SCS Silver Stick tournament: Monroe, Mt. Clemens, Livingston, Lakeland, St. Clair Shores, Kensington Valley Renegades, Rochester, Livonia.
Teams invited to the Midland Silver Stick tournament: Midland, Capital Centre Pride, Grand Rapids.
Teams in the Cincinnati Silver Stick tournament: Columbus Blue Jackets AA.

If you know of more, please email me.
8/13/2007 - 96 Rankings - Happenings for 2007-2008

Strongsville is now the Cleveland Jacks AAA team, they'll be members of the Great Lakes Hockey League and the Empire West.
The Toledo IceDiggers are now the Toledo Cherokee and are rostering as a AAA team.
LCAHL will have a new travel director for the 96's.
Many teams have folded, changed names, then resurrected by others. Expect to see different teams with same names. Michigan Travelers, Michigan Jaguars, Belle Tire, Summit Plastic, Southgate Stars (were gone a few seasons)
The first fall season for a few teams... Birmingham Liberty, Motor City Jags, Farmington Hills Flames, Belle Tire Dearborn, Royal Oak Eagles, Redford Westside Royals, Ice Mountain Wolves, Oakland Jr. Grizzlies (were the Cranks).

3/15/2007 - 96 Rankings - Additions to LCAHL for 2007-2008

Strongsville is interested in joining LCAHL for fall 2007-2008... so is Columbus... we'll see what happens.

12/19/2006 - 96 Rankings 2007 Changes

Thanks to everyone who has helped me get this site to where it's at... I would never of even imagined it getting like this. There's alot of people who email daily, weekly, even monthly that give me alot of insight into this age group. I feel fortunate to be the "gatekeeper" of all this knowledge.

But... I want to make the following changes to this site starting with the Spring 2007 season (Pee Wee's for us 96's). First, I will no longer "rank" 97 AAA teams (most of them I have emailed about this already). I am sure they'll get games with 96's, but on a less regular basis. I will still list them and have their contact info available for teams looking to play them and will of course list them on my "Looking for Games" page.

Second, since the site lists mostly teams from Michigan, it will now only rank the following teams... 1)All Michigan 96 teams 2)Teams in LCAHL (those not in Michigan) 3)Teams that play at least 5 games against the teams I have ranked will get onto the list. 4)To stay on the list you need to have at least 10 games on your schedule that include teams I do rank. 5)The AAA Rankings will have every team from the MWEHL & the Great Lakes League. I will include independent teams from the area, again teams that play 5 games against those teams listed will get listed, but will need to have 10 games scheduled to remain included. 6)The tag line I am using about serving Michigan & Mid-Am makes me want to include all Mid-Am teams, but those in outlying areas that may never play teams in this area will be hard to rank. But will try to include as many as I can. 7)Chicago is not in the Mid-Am district, even though they have some good teams, it's hard to rank teams from that area that you normally never see or if anything get to see a team or 2 in a tournament. Of course any team that meets the 10 game minimum per season will be included. I do know next season some of the teams in the NIHL will be 95/96 mix.

Please realize this is something I am going to do to help me when I rank teams... I have a few teams listed that have played ZERO teams from this area... most of which sit at the bottom of the list because of what I percieve as a lack of good competition. If you have questions about this or your team specifically email me I am always glad to send emails. I can tell you of the list of 75, you will still see most of them ranked... because they do end up playing at least 10 games from MI area teams.

As I am doing with the 97 AAA, any team from outside the area (not ranked on my list) can still be included in a list of teams looking for games, or teams just wanting to have their contact info available to others.

10/13/2006 - For inquiring minds 3

Dayton Silver Stick teams (16 teams): Cincinnati Cyclones AAA, Columbus Blue Jackets AAA, Columbus Capitals AAA, Indianapolis Racers, Toledo IceDiggers, Parma Flyers, Grosse Pointe Bulldogs, Pittsburgh Predators, Chesterfield (St. Louis) Falcons, Summit Plastic, Strongsville Mustangs, Cincinnati Cyclones AA, Lakeland Hawks, Michigan Travelers, North Pittsburgh Wildcats, Cleveland Warriors

10/13/2006 - For inquiring minds 2

Midland Silver Stick invites: Marquette, Saulte Ste Marie Soo Lakers, Flint Icelanders, Bay County Blizzard, Bayshore (Traverse City) Bruins, Capital Centre Pride, Midland Northstars, Grand Rapids Griffins, Plymouth Stingrays

9/13/2006 - For inquiring minds

St. Clair Shores Silver Stick invites: KV Rebels, Mt. Clemens Wolves, St. Clair Shores Saints, Farmington Hills Fire, Trenton Thunder, Livonia Knights, Troy Sting, Rochester Rattlers

9/13/2006 - LCAHL ranked
LCAHL Ranked... Gold (8 teams)... Silver (8 teams)

GOLD: Toledo, Trenton, KV Rebels, Lapeer, Orchard Lake, Grand Rapids, Mt. Clemens & Livonia

SILVER (not confirmed): Farmington Hills , Southfield, Westland, Troy, Summit Plastic, Midland, Port Huron, Rochester

You heard it from 96 Rankings first!

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